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Unveil your own potential

Discover the amazing healing power of your body and mind through hypnotherapy!
Do you feel overwhelmed by pressure at work, home and life? If stress, anxiety, or fear are taking a toll on your physical and mental health it’s time to change. I can help you go from surviving to thriving.

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About me

I’m Beatriz, and I have made it my mission to help and guide you towards the successful management of daily stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, and fear of uncertainty, turning them into self- confidence, self-assurance, calmness, inner peace and assertiveness. I do this by using powerful evidence-based and yet simple and accessible tools. I provide tailored therapy sessions according to your specific needs so that you can develop a positive and permanent outlook on life using the skills I will teach you.

What you will learn

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Self hypnosis

You become your self-regulating agent. You make direct interventions to change your own feelings, thoughts and fantasies. 

Breathing and relaxation techniques

You learn simple and powerful tools to go from rapid shallow breathing to smooth and mindful breathing. From sometimes even painful body tension to complete relaxation.

Stress and anxiety management

Gently shifting from ruminating about your past or catastrophizing

about your future to confidently taking action.


Assertiveness and problem - solving techniques

From the unhelpful “what if”, “should have", "could have, “would have” to objective appraisals of your situation. From distorted and unrealistic to healthy, feasible and possible.

Strengthening your self - confidence and assurance

From doubting and self-defeating thoughts to life changing Ego-strengthened, resilient and self-empowering beliefs.

Transforming negative thoughts & behavior patterns

From identifying, acknowledging and stopping your negative beliefs to installing new helpful ways of thinking and behaving.

Call to action

Book your FREE 30-minute Enquiry Call.
Any concerns you may have right now will be discussed to give you peace of mind again.

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