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How I can help you


Corporate stress 

Are you waking up in the middle of the night thinking what you would have, could have or should have said at yesterday’s meeting?


Do you constantly fear you may be fired even though you are well qualified, work hard and make constant efforts?


Are you feeling guilty because you think you may be neglecting your children while you work long hours?


Have you been waiting for a well-deserved promotion for the past years and now feel stagnant and frustrated?


Do you feel overwhelmed thinking of your children's summer camp, private tutoring, credit card debts, your elderly mom or dad is sick and you are responsible for all or part of those expenses too?


Is this taking a toll on your health? Your relationships? Often break into tears and feel there is no way out?

Perhaps it's time to change!

Work and performance anxiety

“ I have to make that presentation tomorrow … I have done thorough research; I have read relevant articles, my PPT looks great, I have been preparing for it so hard and yet I feel like it is going to be a total failure” “what if instead of sleeping I continue preparing and rehearsing?”


“I don’t think I’ll be able to do it, I’ll be so nervous everyone will notice and I’ll feel like hiding, or even better, running away and never going back to see their faces”.


“I’m not even there but just thinking about it makes my heart race as if I had run 5 miles non-stop, my breathing is shallow and fast, I feel like I’m going to collapse”


Sound familiar?

Perhaps it’s time to manifest that strength, courage and confidence you need!


Self - esteem and assertiveness

“Wow my friend Susan is looking great, she is so self-assured, always with her head up high, she is always gets promoted

I think she even looks fitter than ever.  I wish I could be a bit like her so people would look at me differently, respect me more, listen to my opinions at work, take my efforts into account”


“ I just don’t understand, I try so hard to please everyone around me, I always avoid disputes, and I’d rather keep my opinion to myself if I feel it might stir things up or create a conflict”


“But then tonight I’ll go home and feel so frustrated and sad because I wasn’t able to stand up for myself, defend my rights, express my feelings….   Ah it’s ok, I’ll be fine tomorrow and I’ll just forget about it, life goes on”


Is this how you feel sometimes?


Perhaps it’s time to tap on your inner self-worth, self-respect and self-empowerment you’ve been longing to manifest!

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